The Next Big Things in IT

A special group of futurists at EDS are pursuing the identification, investigation, analysis and understanding of the things that will manifest themselves as The Next Big Thing in information technology. This think tank set looks at IT and how it will impact industries from healthcare to government and financial services. One such futurist is Charles E. Bess P.E., an EDS Fellow, and licensed professional engineer in the state of Texas. Here s his latest look at The Next Big Thing in IT...

      Exponential IT capabilities will drive accelerating change: Leading companies will utilize information technology in new ways for competitive advantage. Accelerating change will create increased complexity and decreased time to respond: New business/technology models including new roles for people- will emerge. Predictability and simplicity will be valued: Rigor in processes will drive out major costs and change the scope of automated business process as well as our interface to them. There is only so much change that the people can absorb before they become overwhelmed. The flat world will amplify the effects of the leveled playing field: Traditional cost savings techniques will not be effective driving to leap-frog strategies. The edge of the enterprise will continue to expand and disappear into the environment: Exabytes of new information must be harnessed through the creation of context awareness. Personalization will be valued as consumers drive the market: Mass customization will be a critical product/service component. ol> Source: