ROI Calculator Puts a Dollar Value on SOA

Company executives can now estimate a Return on Investment ROI- before they move to a Service Oriented Architecture SOA-. Skyway Software, the award winning SOA solution for developing and delivering custom applications and services, announces the launching of an online calculator for determining ROI when companies are considering the implementation of the Skyway SOA Platform.

Now, C-level executives interested in their bottom-line scenario can quickly compute the revenue gains and cost reductions the company can expect by moving application development and maintenance from traditional environments to the Skyway SOA Platform. The calculator returns Total Project Savings, a Development Cost Comparison and a Run Cost Comparison for the project described. Executives can also request details behind the customized ROI estimate, including the expected days, effort and resource mix needed for each development phase e.g., Analysis, Conceptual Design, Detailed Design, Build Test, Assembly Test, Integration Test, and Performance Test- of the project. After estimating an ROI executives can download, a free fully-functioning evaluation copy of Skyway Builder to experience first hand how quickly and simply Skyway Software creates quality service oriented applications. Even the first company to try the Skyway ROI Calculator for SOA reported glowing feedback. The Skyway ROI Calculator clearly proves that re-writing code for current systems and having the ability to write new applications faster and cheaper leverages IT Departments to add dollars to the bottom-line by improving time-to-market while decreasing expenses ? all from a solution that requires as little as one-week of training. Skyway s team has a successful history of developing proven industry winners. Skyway s principal investor, Daniel Aegerter, and CEO, Jared Rodriguez, were the founding partners of Tradex Technologies, which was acquired by Ariba in 2000 for $5.4 billion. As they did with Tradex Technologies and since the Skyway Software formation in 2001, the Skyway team focuses its research on developing solutions that enable companies to realize the business-value-promise from their investments in technology. For Skyway Software, the technology investment is SOA. The business value promises are lowering total cost of ownership TCO- to develop and operate business applications and increasing application agility to enable businesses to quickly adapt and respond to changing market conditions and technology advances. Skyway s SOA Platform can be used to build, govern, and deploy applications as simple as individual web services or as complex as an entire enterprise s technology infrastructure. Companies using the Skyway SOA Platform consistently report an ROI after using it for a single project, IT productivity increases of up to 10 times and decreased development expenses by up to 60%. Source: businessintelligence.ittoolbox.coma>