Enabling OLAP analysis with Oracle s 10g BI

Mark Rittman, Technical Account Manager at SolStonePlus, looks at the current and future releases of Oracle s 10g business intelligence data warehousing tools.

Oracle Business Intelligence 10g, version 2 of Analytic Workspace Manager, and Oracle Warehouse Builder ?Paris? are due for release in Q4 2004. New versions of Oracle Discoverer, together with the new OLAP Excel Add-in and Business Intelligence Beans will provide an integrated set of query and analysis tools that provide access to both relational and multidimensional data. With these new tools, users no longer need to decide between the ease of use of Oracle Discoverer, and the power and flexibility of dedicated OLAP tools. Oracle Business Intelligence 10g brings together both the Oracle relational, and the dedicated OLAP server, worlds. Enabling your organisation?s data for OLAP analysis is a simple and straightforward process, with new tools such as Analytic Workspace Manager and Oracle Warehouse Builder ?Paris? making the process a simple, point-and-click exercise. In addition, improvements and simplifications to the way that analytic workspace metadata is held within the Oracle database makes the management of OLAP data much more straightforward. Bron: businessintelligence.ittoolbox.coma>