A time of growth for Data Warehousing

Forrester survey work shows spending expectations are improving dramatically, with 41% of enterprises surveyed expecting spending to grow more than 10%.

Next year 2005- will be a time of growth for data warehousing and the business intelligence applications that it enables. There are a few key forces behind the dynamics that will characterize data warehousing in 2005. These major drivers include: Pent up demand for data warehousing services, growing data volumes, growing data complexity and intolerance for latency delay-, dramatic improvements in hardware price/performance, innovations in database technology open source platform, database, parallelism-, integrated BI active data warehousing-, more data warehousing for the dollar, more competition at the high end - very large data warehouses, data mart consolidation advances, service-oriented architecture SOA- makes room for data warehousing. Bron en volledig artikel: www.dmreview.coma>