Ipedo Announces 2005 EII Survey Results

Ipedo, a provider of enterprise information integration software , announced the release of its 2005 Enterprise Information Integration EII- Survey results, which show increasing synergy between EII and Web services, especially among organizations that have successfully deployed multiple EII applications. The survey was co-sponsored by ebizQ, a leading business integration Web site, and Decideo, a European online business intelligence community.

The survey polled more than 170 leading users of data integration technologies, including CIOs, enterprise architects, vice presidents of IT and development managers. The respondents worked in a wide variety of industries including financial services, energy, manufacturing, insurance, technology, defense, retail, IT services, consulting and government. The main reasons why companies are embracing EII are to access disparate information more easily 49 percent-, to complement other data integration approaches 37 percent-, and to facilitate migration to service-oriented architectures SOA- 30 percent-. The second annual EII Survey included questions focused on how and why organizations use integrated information, the number and composition of data sources in EII projects, and details about EII implementations. Some highlights of the study include: Expert EII Users Embrace Web Services: A segment of EII users is emerging that has deployed multiple EII applications. This group has been much more aggressive than other EII users in using Web services, with 63 percent using a Web service as a data source in their EII projects and 53 percent publishing their combined information as a Web service. EII Complements Other Data Integration Efforts: Almost half 47 percent- the people who have deployed multiple EII applications use EII in conjunction with other data integration approaches such as ETL or EAI. This shows growing acceptance of EII as one of several core integration technologies available to IT professionals. EII Feeds Business Intelligence Applications : Business intelligence was the most popular destination for integrated information with 58 percent of all respondents mentioning Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion, MicroStrategy or other BI tools. Web-based applications were the second most popular destination with 47 percent, followed by Web services with 42 percent. Source: www.dmreview.coma>