Next Up: Business Intelligence On The Go

The increasing use of business-intelligence tools for day-to-day decision making means more people need these reporting capabilities more often in more places, and wireless access is one way to help meet that need.

Reports and data-analysis results need to be delivered to the users--and they re rarely in the same place as the central data warehouses and analytics systems. The push is on to deliver business intelligence to mobile devices, whether in the form of scaled-down reports to BlackBerrys or alerts to pagers, mobile phones, or PDAs. Rather than a massive report, a factory floor manager needs a dashboard with three simple gauges and three charts so she can find out what s holding up the production schedule. And a regional sales manager needs a small table of data telling him how his salespeople are doing each day. A survey of 549 business-intelligence users last year by Ventana Research found that nearly half, 48%, used business intelligence on a daily basis for tactical decision making 12% of those surveyed used it as often as one or more times an hour. For many such users, business intelligence can t be tied to their desktop PC or a corporate extranet. They ve got to have a wireless link. Source and full article: www.bizintelligencepipeline.coma>