The Right Size MRM Solution for Your Company

Developing and executing your marketing strategy as effectively and efficiently as possible is the key to bringing in new business, and there s no better tool to help you accomplish those goals than the subset of CRM called marketing resource management MRM-.

A solid MRM solution offers a broad range of benefits, from creating a central location for all of your marketing resources to rapid deployment of new marketing materials and programs, usage tracking, and ROI measurement. To be successful an MRM solution needs to be readily available to your marketing and sales staff, and it should certainly be easy enough to use that your employees will embrace and use the application. With the right solution and implementation, the benefits of MRM can be a competitive advantage for any sized company. Many of the benefits to smaller organizations can unfortunately be absorbed by the costs of managing the tools and training people on how to use them. I start looking for a way to make new marketing materials readily available tothe Marketsync sales staff, and to track usage so enterprises could calculate the ROI of different programs. Unfortunately, it was extremely difficult to find a solution that was designed around the needs of a smaller business. I began searching for on-demand MRM. We decided that an ideal solution would allow our sales staff to access personalized letters and literature, would provide brand integration across all of our communications and promotional items, and would create a process that enabled fulfillment to be handled by a separate staff instead of by salespeople. After a review of the marketplace, we decided that we knew the MRM needs of our business better than anyone. We created our own solution, building on our existing on-demand CRM implementation and focusing on what we perceived to be the most important benefits of MRM: centralized management of marketing collateral, zero-installation availability throughout the organization, process support, and the ability to track usage and measure return on investment. We wanted our MRM solution to help us keep in touch with our customers and prospects in ways other than email due to the low response rates and inbox clutter- to make sure that our message gets onto their desk. Much like our CRM investment, our results with on-demand MRM were not only impressive, but were more relevant to our immediate goals. We ve been able to keep our sales staff working on bringing in business, instead of wasting time on administrative tasks. Our brand identity is integrated consistently in our materials, even the letters that are printed on-demand. Every communication with our customers is personalized, to ensure that we continue developing the relationships that will grow our business. Best of all, our MRM solution is integrated with our CRM implementation, maximizing the investment on both sides. While discussing our completed implementation with other companies, we concluded that our needs were similar to those of other growing businesses, and decided to make our solution commercially available. It s important for any growing company to ensure that it s getting the most value for it s money. Whether you re implementing MRM or are just getting started with CRM, it is critical to be sure that the solution you choose will give you exactly the benefits you need. On-demand solutions are a great way to maximize your investment while seeing many of the same benefits larger companies enjoy in enterprise-level solutions. When considering an MRM package, you should determine if an on-demand service is just right for your business. Source: www.destinationCRM.coma>