Competitive Intelligence: what is it about?


Competitive intelligen


is about keeping you out in front. Ahead of the game.It’s about knowing the market, knowing your competitors and what they are doing – knowledge that will help you keep on setting the agenda, not having to chase it. It’s all a
bout winning.


We track your market and the brands within it in real time and in real depth. Products, pricing, service, message, promotion.
What’s in it for you? Knowledge. You need a thorough picture of the competitive landscape. We can tell you what’s happening and where. Enabling you to see the opportunities, threats and what’s coming next.We don’t just look at your competitors in isolation. Our analysts and industry experts identify the wider trends they are tapping into, to help you find where the opportunities to develop stronger propositions lie, to find the white space in which you can get ahead. It’s our competitive intelligence, for your competitive advantage.