Commintelli biedt praktische tools voor CI

Competitive Intelligence (CI) is the process of gathering, analyzing and managing market information that is needed to support strategic decision making. Through an active CI process, companies can enhance their competitiveness in the market through a greater awareness of a firm’s competitors and business landscape in general.

When it comes to CI, it is true that the focus is on the external business environment, but CI is not necessarily based on market information, as stated above. Internal (internally produced/possessed) intelligence assets are extremely valuable as well.

Key Benefits of Comintelli's Competitive Intelligence Software:

1. Spend your time analyzing instead of searching for information

By having all information structured in one place, you save valuable time that you can use on analyzing the information you have.

2. Visualization and structuring that supports analysis

Use the ‘Benchmarking’ tool or the 'Matrix Analyzer’ to do side-by side comparisons of different data and identify “hot spots” in unstructured content.

3. Indivudual or Enterprise? We bring CI to all!

Whether you are a two-person-firm or a large global enterprise, we have the CI system that suits both your needs and your wallet.

Comintelli offers two products providing you with sophisticated Competitive Intelligence tools:

Knowledge XChanger™  – An enterprise software for Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management. Very flexible and scalable to very many users. As Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management tends to be related inside large companies, Knowledge XChanger™ contains functionalities for both.

Intelligence2day® – a SaaS solution for Competitive Intelligence, powered by Knowledge XChanger™. Suitable for smaller companies, without dedicated intelligence units, but easy to scale and upgrade if the need arise.

Both products includes dedicated intelligence and analysis tools designed to help view patterns and trends in large amounts of content.