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  • How digital transformation drives innovation of health clubs

    How digital transformation drives innovation at health clubs

    ‘Wellness’ was the most talked about topic during the entire lockdown. With nowhere to go, it took a big hit initially but soon it found solutions in digital transformation. Thriving at a faster pace, this industry accelerated the implementation of digitization, resorted to healthcare app development and replaced its offerings with digital classes, on-demand content and live streaming.

    The wellness industry runs on majorly three pillars- nutrition, fitness and travel. Health clubs are part of the fitness segment of this industry which focuses on whole-body wellness, unlike gyms where the focus is devoted to physical wellness more. A health club offers a comprehensive fitness approach, providing recreational sports and exercise facilities at one place to consumers.

    According to studies, health clubs globally witness an increase of 4.6% annually. Similar to other industries, health club industry also benefited from technology during the pandemic by including healthcare app development, online on-demand services, etc, in its offering.

    How digital transformation is useful for health clubs?

    Fitness was never this important for people as it has been over the last few years. During the lockdown, digital solutions were welcomed to reach those lockdown fitness goals. This sudden need for a shift to digitization paved the path for many interactive and innovative fitness solutions. Even though the industry started this transformation a little late, it adapted quickly to this change.

    Engaging with the members

    Engaging with the clients is the root driver of digitization for health clubs. Omni-channel trends were existing but engaging with clients accelerated during this period. Brands sought after pre-recorded content, live streaming for engaging with their members. They also used text experiences to connect with their clients.

    Using the technology to bridge the gap of not being accessible physically, clubs who launched their apps to have a platform for their content, stood out of the crowd. The virtual offering made it easy for clients to continue their fitness routine. Many took help from the healthcare app development companies for making this transition. Pretty sure, your gym trainer was teaching you over WhatsApp and Zoom. Wasn’t he?

    Making operations easy

    Digitization brings with it, ease of operations. In every industry, digital transformation has proved to improve functioning and reduced costs over time by streamlining the processes. Health clubs also took advantage of the technology to reduce their operational costs and provide an easy, seamless member experience through CRM systems and easy bookings.

    Bringing personalized experience

    Digitization helped health clubs to bring personalized experiences for their clients. Mobile applications enabled brands to provide personal fitness plans to each of their clients based on their needs. This was earlier done face to face but with digitization, this process has become seamless, easy and virtual. Healthcare app development integrated with AI takes this to another level.

    Using data

    Data is of prime importance when we talk about digital transformation in healthcare. Using the data collected through IoT devices and applications, brands can develop a 360-degree view of the client’s needs. Offering a comprehensive personalized solution to their problems, it also helped in learning about the behavior and preferences by using the algorithms and executing personalized outreach.

    The data can also help the brand to anticipate the fitness needs of their clients by using AI-driven methods. People need solutions to problems and data can help brands discover those problems even before their clients discover them.

    Digging deeper into a fitness experience

    The IoT devices help brands in expanding this digital transformation. By integrating wearable devices, applications in their health club experience, brands can elevate their member experience. They can also provide a deeper insight into their fitness regimen through analytical analysis of the data collected. There are some health clubs who are pioneering this segment.

    A roadmap to how Health Clubs can leverage the benefits of digital transformation

    Digital transformation in healthcare is not an easy process. Simply investing in technology will not suffice. Digital transformation in healthcare requires a stringent cultural shift. It applies to health clubs as well.

    Understanding the members and the experience you want to serve based on your brand is important. This helps in ensuring that the new technology and the fitness experience you want to serve your members complement each other. They should be in sync with each other and bring an authentic fitness experience.

    From the numerous ways that health clubs can leverage the benefits of digital transformation, we have a few in the list.

    Smart machines: Exercise and gym equipment that can be connected to the cloud and is responsive to an individual, is a popular thing among health clubs and gyms. Some of these smart equipment are even programmed with machine learning technology that enables self-learning and improvising the fitness journey of the user.

    3D body scanning: This technology can be used to create effective and accurate personal programs targeting the specific problems of the clients.

    Using SMS and texting services: Apart from providing only an exercise routine, a health club can also leverage the use of SMS or text services to motivate their members and give health reminders. This can also be used to send out awareness messages on mental health and other issues concerning the members. This will help in creating a more connected engagement channel.

    Wearable 3rd party devices: Health clubs can provide members with 3rd party wearable devices to track their progress and vitals inside and outside the gym for providing in-depth analysis.

    Digital transformation in healthcare has proved to be of supreme advantage. Adapting to advanced technology in the health club industry has and will prove to be groundbreaking. Not only does it bring efficiency in operations, but it also gives a competitive advantage. 

    Author: Robert Jackson

    Source: Datafloq

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