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  • The requirements of a good big data architect

    The requirements of a good big data architect

    In order to be an excellent big data architect, it is essential to be a useful data architect; both these things are different. Let's take a look!

    Big data that is both structured and non-structured. While it presents many opportunities for organizations of all sizes, handling it is quite difficult and requires a specific set of skill sets.

    Big data is handled by a big data architect, which is a very specialized position. A big data architect is required to solve problems that are quite big by analyzing the data, using Hadoop, which is a data technology.

    A data analysis is required to handle database on a large scale and analyse the data in order to make the right business decision. An architect of this caliber is needed to be a strong team leader; he should have the ability to mentor people and to collaborate with different teams. It is also crucial for them to build relationships with various companies and vendors.

    The 6 Skills required to pursue a career as a big data architect

    Becoming a big data architect requires years of training. You need a wide range of competencies, which will grow over time as the field evolves. A big data architect needs to have the following skills:

    • The decision-making power for data analysis and he/she should also possess the quality of architecting the massive data.
    • Should know about machine learning as it is crucial; pattern recognition, clustering for handling data and text mining is a few essentials.
    • A person should have a keen interest and experience in programming languages and all the technologies that are latest. All kinds of JavaScript frameworks like HTML5, RESTful services, Spark, Python, Hive, Kafka, and CSS are few essential frameworks.
    • A big data architect should have the required knowledge as well as experience to handle data technologies that are latest such as; Hadoop, MapReduce, HBase, oozie, Flume, MongoDB, Cassandra and Pig.
    • Should know how to work in cloud environments and also should have the experience and knowledge of cloud computing.
    • Experience in data warehousing and mining is a compulsion.

    What are the special requirements for big data architects?

    The particular job requirements for big data architects are:

    • The ability to understand and also communicate the way by which the big data gets its business; whether it is through faster management skills or not.
    • Another requirement is the ability to work with diverse data, which is quite huge and is formed from a variety of sources.
    • Should have skills in big data tools and technologies; it includes technologies like the Hadoop, accumulo, MapReduce, Hive, HBase, panoply and redshift.

    A big data architect has to be good in a lot of things; they need to have the experience of designing and implementing.

    Start your training to become a big data architect

    In order to be an excellent big data architect, it is essential to be a useful data architect; both the things are different. A good data architect can only become a good big data architect. Data architects are the ones who create blueprints related to the management systems. The data architect is required to design, centralize, integrate and protect the company’s data source.

    Author: Sudhanshu Ahuja

    Source: Smart Data Collective

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