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The BI trends your business cannot neglect in the near future

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, the top five trends set to positively impact business growth through 2022 are (1) the increasing adoption of new technology, (2) the increasing availability of big data, (3) advances in mobile internet, (4) advances in AI, and (5) advances in cloud technology.

This nexus of these and other trends, and their accelerated innovation and development (as an example, think of how fast we’ve gone from rotary phones to smartphones, to the dematerialization of other devices onto smartphones, and now to 5G), raises the imperative for organizations to focus their next-decade vision and investment strategy now.

Consider these 2020 and beyond assertions for enterprise analytics and mobility from Ventana Research:

  • By 2020, analysis of streams of IoT event data will be a standard component of nearly all big data deployments.
  • By 2021, two-thirds of analytics processes will no longer simply discover what happened and why, they will also prescribe what should be done.
  • By 2022, one-half of organizations will re-examine the use of mobile devices and conclude the technology being used does not adequately address the needs of their workers, leading them to examine a new generation of mobile apps.

And that’s just a start. In '10 Enterprise Analytics Trends to Watch in 2019', Ventana Research CEO Mark Smith notes that in addition to 5G, enterprise organizations’ mobility strategies must absolutely address accelerating technologies and capabilities, such as:

  • Device proximity features that can provide environmental context and suggest where to take action based on location.
  • Gestures and camera-based input that make it even easier and faster to engage with business applications.
  • Biometrics, from facial recognition to fingerprints, that enable significantly better device, data, and enterprise security.
  • High-quality device cameras that make it easy to capture, share, and use photos and videos and their data within business processes.
  • Augmented reality (AR) that enables the use of a mobile device’s camera to digitally interpose virtual objects to enhance work experiences.
  • Speech recognition and voice assistants on mobile devices that make it simpler for users to access information and act quickly.

The future is here. Is your organization ready to take advantage of the accelerated innovation around enterprise analytics and mobility?

Source: MicroStrategy