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SAP: A new way of user experience calamity prevention

The old saying goes: the customer is always right. But these days, it’s the user experience that proves how well IT teams are listening. Whether we’re talking about employees or consumers, users of any digital tool don’t hesitate to change how work is done, how goods and services are purchased, and how new technologies are integrated to advance their goals.

Users are steadily expecting more from their technology experiences, ranging from immediacy and personalization to trust and convenience. When one or more of these conditions are missing, users defect as quickly as they encounter the first bad experience. For IT organizations, such user influence is forcing them to consider the level of performance reliability, human interaction and automation needed when deploying a new digital investment, in addition to their current focus on evolving value and simplicity.

Because of this shift in IT demands, SAP was inspired to develop and deliver the SAP EarlyWatch Alert service.

Preventing downtimes by understanding the health of the system landscape

Most digital landscapes grow organically as new business applications, processes, and business models are introduced by a line of business or their IT counterpart. All too often, the presence of duplicated systems, proliferating inconsistent data, makeshift integration, abandoned applications and the like emerge. This brings tremendous complexity in which technical issues hide until it’s too late.

It is key for users to be aware of technical issues before they occur in the system. Fueled by a combination of predictive analytics and machine learning, the  data science behind the SAP EarlyWatch Alert service sheds light on the most critical issues and displays them in full detail on the cloud-based workspace for SAP EarlyWatch Alert. This alert service includes a solution finder tool, with which decision-makers can search alerts and recommendations to quickly find a resolution to the issue they are experiencing.

Ccontinuous quality checks are a critical part of ensuring a digital infrastructure that is resilient enough to handle even the most delicate operations and processes.

Take The Siam Cement Public Company Limited (SCG), for example. The largest cement supplier in Thailand wanted to balance the security of its IT infrastructure with the security of the users and data that served as the core of the business. SAP EarlyWatch Alert highlighted exactly the areas in SCG’s software landscape that required focus with 30% less effort, compared to performing the same tasks manually.

By putting into practice continuous quality check for security optimization, SCG broadened its scope of security 60% to cover business processes and HR data, which dramatically improved its security rating. More importantly, the outlook for future growth and building for SCG’s customers is strong.

Author: Susanne Glaenzer

Source: SAP