stellen van vragenMany organizations complain that they aren’t achieving the success with big data projects they hoped for. At the recent Strata & Hadoop World conference in New York, Information Management spoke with Tara Prakriya, chief product officer at Maana, about why that is, and what can be done about it.

What are the most common themes that you heard among conference attendees?

Tara Prakriya: There seemed to be a lot of disappointment over the results of big data projects, with value falling short of expectations. At Strata there appeared to be a lack of process, tools and platforms for subject-matter experts and data science collaboration. There is an inability to combine models and on top of that the right questions aren’t being asked to achieve very specific optimization for enterprises.

What does your company view as the top data issues or challenges this year?

Prakriya: We see two buckets:

First, we start from a precise question and develop a model to answer. We then back into appropriate data within what exists in the enterprise and NO more. When getting the data, we are more surgical about the data we are looking at and only use data we need.

Second, Maana is usually deployed into environments in which all users do not have equal access to all data under its management. We have more focus on knowledge management. We also have the affordance, with our platform, for sharing the knowledge without having to have to share the data itself.

How do these themes and challenges relate to our company’s market strategy this year? 

Prakriya: Our theme is about utilizing information in the form of knowledge to get to the ROI for business processes optimization. There is a clear link between the information for the Q&A and what that takes to move the needle. We see Fortune 500 companies going through digital transformation and existing technologies are falling short of getting business value

Source: Information Management, David Weldon, October 19th, 2016