?SAP is thrilled to be recognized as the leader in market share across all ERP categories worldwide,? said L?o Apotheker, president of Customer Solutions and Operations and member of the executive board, SAP AG. ?We believe it s a testament to our ability to successfully execute against our product strategy, as well as how well we work with our customers to fulfill their current and future needs.? For the first time, Gartner, Inc. calculated the market share for the worldwide enterprise software market segments based on the total software revenue metric to reflect the changes in the industry, such as open-source software OSS-, on-demand business models and new regulations. SAP now ranks first in all four of the ERP software segments, including financial management systems, human capital management, enterprise asset management and manufacturing operations, worldwide. SAP achieved the greatest breakthrough in the enterprise asset management segment. A 21.4 percent year-over-year growth catapulted SAP to the number one market share position in this particular market. SAP sees a strong customer adoption of mySAP ERP, the company s flagship ERP application, with customers implementing or upgrading from previous releases at a fast pace. Source: www.fsn.co.uka>