Abstract: Innovations in educational technology are often seen as opportunities to transform learning, and social software blogs, wikis, social bookmarking, etc.- is no exception. But are the tensions between pedagogies and social software the result of attempts to make the latter conform to traditional teaching practices, or are they signs of real opportunities for rethinking learning processes? In this article is explored what role social software can play in new models of learning and participating in society. While social software can connect learners to new resources and to each other in new ways, argued is that its true potential lies in helping people figure out how to integrate their online and offline social experiences. Thus, social software must live up to its name by relating to the individual s everyday social practices, which include interacting with people online as well as people without access to these technologies. Concluded is that social software can positively impact pedagogy by inculcating a desire to reconnect to the world as a whole, not just the social parts that exist online. Source and full article: line56.coma>