February 2nd, 9:00 ?O clock, AM. The luxury Hotel Okura is filled with people. Rank One?s Such is Life fills the conference room. I feel? I see?I hear? I?m free. Frank Buytendijk, conference chairman, repeats the text of this dance music. ?This, Ladies and Gentleman, is what business intelligence promises to you. Business Intelligence BI- are the ears, eyes and sensory system of your organisation. At least, it should be. But I have a confession to make: I don?t believe it anymore! The management does not want one version of the truth!? And even if they want it, is it possible?? The conference has been opened. 480 participants, 29 nationalities, this is really promising. Please click the link Gartner BI Summit 2004 Report.doca> to download the full report - for free!