Without proper analytics in place, many cloud services customers are wasting resources, struggling with compliance and suffering from outages and unexpected costs, according to a new study from Forrester Research.

The study, sponsored by enterprise cloud hosting provider iLand, shows that all of the 275 IT decision makers and senior business executives surveyed in the United States, United Kingdom and Singapore said they’ve experienced at least one negative financial or operational impact due to missing or hidden metadata. These negative business impacts include outages, wasted resources, unexpected costs and challenges reporting to management.

“Companies aren’t just using the cloud—they depend on it,” the report says. “Nevertheless, cloud providers fail to keep cloud users happy. As companies expand their use of cloud services, they need to be confident that their cloud providers aren’t holding anything back, and are committed to their success.”

Other findings of the report are that overall, cloud customer satisfaction is low, with a strong sentiment that providers don’t respond to customers’ needs. More than half of the respondents said their provider does not understand their company’s needs or care about their success.

Forrester recommends that companies considering cloud services evaluate the native tools delivered by the cloud platform to ensure they deliver visibility, alerting and analytics; demand clarity about compliance data, on-call experts and straightforward processes from your cloud provider; and look for a cloud with onboarding and support teams staffed by experts

Auteur: Bob Violino

Bron: Information Management