Competitive intelligence is crucial to business success

To maintain a competitive edge in business, you've got to keep a close eye on the competition. That's why access to competitive intelligence is critical to the success of your organization. Your executives need competitive intelligence to keep up with competitors' announcements, mergers and the direction of industry and media trends. R&D needs it to stay abreast of competitors' developing products and services. Your sales force needs competitive intelligence to monitor competitors' offerings, customers and price points. After gathering all this diverse information, you need to make sure it's delivered to the right people in your organization—in time for them to act upon it. 

Superior competitive intelligence at your fingertips

Compiling competitive intelligence from multiple sources is critical, but doing so by scouring the newspapers, trade journals and Web sites of multiple competitors is an extremely time-consuming task. The chance of missing a critical bit of competitive intelligence—or not getting a bit of information to the right people at the right time—is extremely high. The online competitive intelligence information available from sources on the Web can be incomplete and inaccurate. Subscriptions to various news services may provide more accuracy but can be costly and very inefficient. 

Tools and services like for instance Dow Jones Factiva provides access to world-class global content not found in any other single service. Gathering information from more than 28,000 sources from more than 200 countries in 23 languages, these services deliver the competitive intelligence you need within minutes.

Easy access to competitive intelligence

With tools employees can access continuous competitive intelligence from the corporate environment. Dow Jones Factiva offers the flexibility needed to deliver breaking news to employees in a way that best fits any organization—from an intranet or portal, via e-mail, or through Factiva's award-winning business information service

The ability to create competitive intelligence topics for the entire company to track, as well as topics for specific departments or individuals within the organization is another benefit of Dow Jones Factiva's competitive intelligence offering. Because Dow Jones Factiva delivers information directly to the desktop, employees can track competitive intelligence while they continue working. Additionally, when more detailed intelligence is needed, employees can go to, where they'll find a single point of access to a deep archive of news and business research not available on the free Web.