Overview of MI Tools needed!

Organisations with access to the right market information at the right time have the power to transform themselves into successful market leaders while companies that don’t have access to accurate and current information are taking unnecessary risks that may undermine expansion and profitability. 

Market intelligence is the process of acquiring, processing and analysing information about customers, competitors and markets. Market Intelligence as a systematic corporate activity is becoming increasingly commonplace not only in the largest global companies but also in small and middle-sized enterprises.

While competition has grown, the media sources that provide critical business information have exploded exponentially. Information is being created at an alarming rate and the tools required to collect and analyse this information are becoming increasingly complex. 

An overview of these tools and their funcitonality is missing. Companies that have the right tools to access this data are more likely to succeed. Tranlatemedia is one of the few companies that published a report containing some examples of data sources, intelligence tools and tips that should allow businesses to gain greater insights into their target markets thereby increasing the likelihood of global success.