According to research from IDC, customer relationship management CRM- provider Siebel which was acquired by Oracle in 2005, but whose revenue was here considered separately- has the revenue lead in the financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and utilities industries. Meanwhile, communications and media was dominated by vendor Amdocs, Reynolds and Reynolds had the lead in automotive, and, the hosted CRM specialist, dominated other industries. Interestingly, despite the great deal of attention garnered by SAP s claim to have overtaken Siebel in CRM revenue about two years ago, SAP was not a leader in any of the vertical categories despite having a massive ERP presence in those verticals. If you then consider the fact that Oracle has separate CRM products including popular products inherited from its acquisition of PeopleSoft, PeopleSoft s acquisition of J.D. Edwards, and J.D. Edwards acquisition of YouCentric-, Oracle s CRM share is even bigger than it first appears. It will be interesting to see if SAP contests the IDC numbers. IDC is not the only firm that ranks Oracle at the head of the CRM class revenue-wise. Research group Gartner estimated that, after the Siebel deal, Oracle would move 3.5 percentage points ahead of SAP CRM in market share. Source: line56.coma>