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Data Scientist 

Are you looking for a challenging new step in your career? Are you looking for a dynamic work environment and do you want to contribute to the growth of thé specialist in the field of data and analytics? Apply now!


What do you do as a Data Scientist?

The Data Scientist gathers intelligence from the massive streams of data that clients gather each day. Due to the volume of data, its multi-structured nature, and the various advanced analysis involved, MapReduce and other advanced software available with, for example, Our own product and Hadoop are used to supplement or in place of traditional SQL analysis. Data can originate anywhere; from sales records, web logs, and web crawlers to jet engines, electronic switches, and countless other sources. The Data Scientist sifts through the data for useful nuggets of information, and then presents results to the client to allow business decisions to be made on the findings. The Data Scientist captures, sorts, and determines what is relevant in the data.

The analysis process involves assembling and preparing the data, writing the software programs, and executing the actual analysis. Advanced analysis is required on the data that includes data mining and statistical analysis. Computer science programming expertise is a plus to analyze the data and provide intelligence that leads to better business decisions or new products. The Data Scientist will also have a strong analytic background, typically in mathematics and the application of statistics. Techniques are used to detect patterns in large volumes of data for applications such as forecasting, response modeling, fraud detection, and segmentation. Industry specific methods and solutions are used to solve industry specific tasks. Strong communication skills are required to convey complex analytical results to business sponsors of programs. The Data Scientist provides solutions in the cloud, on premises, and in mixed environments.


What are the key areas of responsibility of the Engagement Manager?

  • Clarify the business problem for the purpose of data analysis
  • Translate the business requirements into technical requirements.
  • Translate the requirements into existing advanced analytic functions or help design new functions with MapReduce or other software to meet the requirements.
  • Work closely with the client teams to generate insights, diagnose problems, and provide information for business and product decisions by transforming very large data sets into actionable information.
  • Build and maintain tools and documentation to enable the consumption of data by the platform team and the entire company.
  • Perform both regular and ad-hoc analysis leveraging a wide array of data tools.
  • Interpret and document the analysis and results, and communicate the information effectively to the client.


Are you the perfect candidate for this role?

  • Master of science in a econometrics/economic, mathematics or computer science direction
  • PhD is preferred, but not a pre-requisite
  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of advanced analytics, Data Mining, Statistics, Mathematical Modeling , Behavioural Economics or Machine Learning
  • Experience with large data sets and distributed computing with Hadoop and MapReduce (Hive, Pig, etc.)
  • Have several years’ hands-on experience in the exploitation of data and the use of advanced statistical and modeling techniques to understand and improve business performance in at least one major industry vertical