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Samsung plans to open AI center in Cambridge

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., the Korean-based electronics giant, will open a new artificial-intelligence center in Cambridge, England, as the company seeks to benefit from cutting-edge academic research into the technology. Andrew Blake, a pioneering… Lees meer

Business Intelligence

operational intelligence
mei 30, 2018 94

Leveraging operational intelligence to proactive insights

Earlier i discussed the way technology and its adoption are shifting within organizations. Now, business intelligence (BI) and… Lees meer

Data Science

mei 30, 2018 98

Hé Data Scientist! Are you a geek, nerd or suit?

Data scientists are known for their unique skill sets. While thousands of compelling articles have been written about what a data… Lees meer

Market & Competitive Intelligence

Intelligente Organisatie

Kennisdeling 2
juni 01, 2018 98

Informatie kun je delen, kennis niet!

Binnen organisaties wordt veel aandacht besteedt aan kennisdeling. De gedachte is, dat door kennisdeling de concurrentiepositie… Lees meer

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